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Renewable Insights drive digital transformation for renewable energy firms for connected enterprise - plant, workforce, operations and maintenance through IoT, Analytics and Digital Twins

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About Renewable Insights

At Renewable Insights, we develop SaaS products and solutions for renewable enterprises in solar, wind, hydro and green hydrogen. Our products such as PV Insights, Turbo Insights, Hydro Insights and H2 Insights provide operators and EPC providers with the insights to make operational decisions with confidence.

Leveraging our products and solutions, gather insights on operational and financial performance of your remote sites. Our custom data model, a cloud based data warehouse and plant level data lake that connects all relevant information for individual sites helps your plant managers to make decisions in real-time.

We help you solve your plant's maintenance challenges

We offer cloud-based, plug and play plant analytics solutions that drives plant's performance and reduces O&M costs.

Plant Maintenance

Plant Operational Monitoring

  • Design solution accelerators that are aligned to your renewable enterprise in the areas of connected operations, performance analytics and predictive business outcomes.
  • Develop ethical, secured, and responsive design led frameworks in IoT, SCADA Data Analytics and Digital Twins.
  • Demonstrate and help executives in faster adoption of advanced technologies leveraging low code/no code DIY platforms.
Plant Operational Monitoring

Plant Operational Excellence

  • Measure plant performance through KPIs defined for safety, operational excellence, risk, governance and compliance.
  • Design predictive risk models and interactive BI dashboards for non-compliance and outliers related to plant operations.
  • Provide recommendations on operational excellence from plant and equipment level assessment.
Plant Operational Excellence

Plant Operational Optimization

  • Build solutions to optimize maintenance, improve quality, warranty support, and predictive maintenance.
  • Lower TCO and accelerate adoption by adopting cloud, distributed agile, open source, RAD and hybrid engagement models.
  • Leverage industry aligned accelerators for faster go-live and productization.
Plant Operational Optimization
Our Industry Segments

Our Industry Segments


Generate 360 insights by identifying energy losses and performance degradations using customized solutions.


Minimize NPT by streamlining operational processes to increase availability and reduce maintenance costs.


Maximize profitability by sharing real-time insights with stakeholders and third-party service providers.


Maximize profitability by sharing real-time insights with stakeholders and third-party service providers.

Benefits of Partnering with us


Maximize Financial Return

We help operators looking for insights into the behaviour of their assets, aiming to maximize the financial return by improving the technical performance

SaaS Product Portfolio

Leveraging industry expertise across solar, wind and hydro projects, the team has developed SaaS platforms for monitoring, reporting and analytics

Industry Best Practices

Get O&M best practices, industry utilities, and process templates in form of technology components from our association with industry partners

OPEX Technology Transformation

Partner with us as your extended technical R&D and product development centre to develop your renewables portfolio

Digital Transformation for Renewable Enterprises

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