Power and Energy Estimation in Hydro Turbines

Solution helps to estimate power and energy estimation. As hydro turbines are optimized around an operating point defined by its hydraulic head, flow discharge and rotational speed, different flow ranges are chosen to calculate the power and energy.

  • Real-time dashboard shows projected energy generation versus system size.
  • Generates a simulated modelled power system for step changes in power under system faults.
  • Computes the load flow of the power system for given initial reference power.

Hydro Turbine Production Forecasting

Solution helps to track the performance of hydro turbines by using operational scenarios using turbine power and speed with water flow rates.

  • For maximizing the total efficiency of the system, solution leverages a synergetic policy by changing the priority of turbines across different flow ranges.
  • Evaluation of forecasting accuracy and uncertainty assessment.
  • Uses a Deep Feedforward Neural Network (DNN) to predict the streamflow one day ahead.

Digital Twins of the Hydro Turbines

Solution supports in the digital twins of the hydropower generation system as the extension of the operating range may entail additional stresses on the electromechanical equipment.

  • RUL estimates for turbine, generator, and control.
  • Safely mirrors the dynamic behavior of the equipment.
  • Lifetime prediction and methods for predictive maintenance or condition monitoring.