Performance Analysis

Solution helps to monitor and predict performance insights from plant assets (e.g., Inverters, Combiner Boxes, MFM/Power Meters).

  • Real-time dashboard shows performance predictions and allows confidence bound on the prediction.
  • Performance analytics reports on known threshold values for condition indicators that detects failure histories of similar assets.
  • Supports performance rankings, probability distributions and anomaly insights.

Production Forecasting

Solution helps to forecast daily yield, total yield, weather, and power leveraging AI/ML models.

  • Supports models such as physical (Numerical Weather Predictions), statistical (Integrated Moving Averages), machine learning (Random Forest), and deep learning (Neural Networks).
  • PV power and yield forecasts based on what-if models running on Weather parameters.

Plant's Annual Energy Production

Solution helps to forecast AEP from long-term gross energy and expected future losses.

  • Processing of the revenue meter energy, loss estimates, and long-term resource data.
  • Regression relationship of energy resource to the long-term resource to calculate long-term gross energy.
  • Supports real-time KPI dashboards and energy production related visualizations.