RUL Estimation in Wind Turbines

Solution helps to predict failures i.e., Remaining Useful Life (RUL) in wind turbines.

  • Real-time dashboard shows RUL predictions and allows user to a confidence bound on the prediction.
  • RUL analytics reports on known threshold values for condition indicators that detects failure and run-to-failure histories of similar assets.
  • Supports for proportional hazard models and probability distributions of component failure times.

Wind Turbine Production Forecasting

Solution helps to track the performance of turbines by comparing current production with expected values based on OEM provided or historically calculated benchmarks.

  • Real-time dashboard shows the expected power curve for each turbine using the different interpolation methods.
  • Calculates the production loss of each turbine to identify which one should be prioritized for repair.
  • Helps to estimate the power output from operating wind turbines.

Wind Plant's Annual Energy Production

Solution using estimation of long-term AEP from long-term gross energy and expected future losses.

  • Processing of the revenue meter energy, loss estimates, and long-term wind resource data.
  • Application of regression relationship of energy and wind resource to the long-term resource to calculate long-term gross energy.
  • Supports dashboards for common wind resource and energy-related visualizations.